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We worked alongside many Kenyan pastors who are ministering in Africa, successfully reaching out in the slums and the up-country of Kenya. They were not only preaching the Gospel, but meeting practical needs, making people's lives better for tomorrow, unwilling to turn away from the tough situations people are living in. We began to ask, "If we could meet some simple needs, which ones would help your outreach to thrive?"

We began to learn about the lack of clean water, the needs of a medical program in the Kibera slum, and the powerful impact of giving a goat or a chicken coop to an orphanage. Other ideas and needs began to surface as these faithful men learned there are people who can help, and want to help the people of Africa. From there, we began to work with them on narrowing the scope to projects we could handle, because the need will always be more than any one of us can meet.

That is what makes LoveNow unique: together with these pastors, we have identified simple, effective ways to touch the lives of the poor, the hungry, the widows and orphans...the ones who Jesus has called us to love.

They have helped put that list together, and together with these local Kenyan pastors, relief workers and schools, we have begun to make an amazing impact. Hygiene programs are teaching children in the slums about hand-washing and providing them with water filtration. Chicken coops and goats are being given out to places that have the most need and can learn a sustainable model of taking care of their goat(s) or chickens. Pastors from the up-country who could not afford going to a Bible institute, even though the program is only $30/month for 3 years, are now being equipped with the knowlege they so desperately want, so they can go back and impact their villages. Not only that, they are being educated in the other programs that we have put in place that could impact their up-country villages as well.

We are taking a stand...making a difference. Together we can impact lives, helping the African people know that God sees them, He loves them, and His people want to reach out and bless them.