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LoveNow is an outreach ministry of Crossroads Community Church. We exist to bring awareness to needs and programs that can be met with justice and mercy, and raise funds to help meet those needs.

We realize it takes more than just saying "God loves you" to reach a community. We all know that Africa is one of the toughest places on earth to live. So together, with other churches and para-church organizations, we have been in Kenya ministering in orphanages, schools, the Manna Bible Institute, and a medical clinic in the Kibera slum, as well as helping run crusades in the slums, an all-church feast in Nairobi, and pastors conferences with hundreds of pastors from around Kenya. But we understand that our calling is more than that. We have prayed and asked God to lead us in simple ways that we can support and refine tangible, sustainable ministries that meet people's practical needs in the African communities we minister.

Together with churches, businesses, and people around the world, we are excited to help ministries led by pastors who are "on the ground" in Kenya. We help supply a medical clinic, a Bible Institute, goats for orphanages and families, clean water and hygiene programs, and more. We also help organize and supply the resources (human and capital) necessary to reach Kenya with the message of Jesus' love.

We hope you will join us...we want to make a lasting impact on people's lives both in the here and now, and for eternity.

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