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Given the chance to trade moments of ordinary for moments of extraordinary life change, what would you do? Love now is about seizing the moment, now.


DSC04174An update from pastor Moses Muguro:

Hi Pastor LoveNow and Crossroads Church, I want to thank you all for opening a door for us to minister in Kibera and Soweto slums through the water filter support. Through the water filter ministry, i have been able to share the gospel to families that i would never have met without praying for them and sharing the importance of good hygiene and clean drinking water. Every time i am ferrying the water filters containers in the slum, women along the way always want to get one for their families, and  the “ Yesu ni Maji ya Uzima”-"Jesus Is the Living Water" message is always received gladly with no resistance. When the women and slum families know that they will receive clean drinking water, they are readily to have within their homes the “Jesus is the Living Water filters”.

As a pastor in Kenya-Africa, I am so excited that the Lord is using these water filters creativity to encourage and minister love to my fellow Africans in the slums, and you have played a great task in this encouragement and the spread of the Gospel into homes.

The Lord  bless you all.

Pastor Musa

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DSC03448One ministry we support through LoveNow is a hygiene program that brings soap, bleach, water filtration, and HIV/AIDS prevention and education to people in desperate need. And every presentation includes the message that Jesus is walking with us through whatever we face in life, if we reach out to Him. Hundreds have been touched by the ministry we partner with, Loaves and Fishes, and Pastor Moses Muguro and his tireless team of volunteers.

Here is a message from Moses after we helped him edit and print a new Christian-perspective HIV/AIDS prevention materials, which was then translated to Swahili:



I have attached pictures of the HIV/AIDS distribution at a school in the Kibera slum. We have already conducted a sexual abstinence training with the school of a population of 375 boys students, and we are hoping that the Lord will bring healing to many of these youths who are affected with HIV/AIDS.

The book is a great ministry tool of healing some of the inner hurts within the community.

Thanks for your continued LoveNow encouragement.

Pastor Moses


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Utawala sewing program picture

Together with you, LoveNow has recently purchased 5 sewing machines and placed them in an open room at a church in Utawala, an isolated community of Nairobi, Kenya. We have also hired a part-time sewing instructor to come and teach those who are willing to learn and have a need for vocational training. 

Here is a letter from the pastor who is overseeing the project, Moses Muguro:

Hello LoveNow and the Crossroads Church family,

Thank you for the support of sewing machines programme. The Utawala Church and community are the greatest beneficially of the programme, and the sewing programme is exciting to the  women- including my wife Esther too.

For the beginning, we had to locate the classes in a better, more secure place near the church compound, and the strategy is to have the sewing training run professionally by the women and as completive to become self-sustaining in the long-run. We believe that as Christians we should go for excellence in whatever we do-even in sewing. Attached kindly find some pictures of the first sewing class plus instructor John.



CIMG4018George Muguro, one of our native Kenyan pastors "on the ground" in Nairobi, has put together a construction team to prototype and test a model of a chicken coop that we can put in various locations. Using tools donated by Detour Ministries to a local Kenyan church, they have finished the first coop and installed it with about 6-8 chickens at an orphanage which houses about 30 children. When we say "orphanage," we don't mean a nice building backed by a collection of US churches and non-profits, like many of us first think.

What we mean is much simpler than that: basically a mommy and a daddy in a neighborhood rent or own a house, and even though they are poor and have their own children to care for, they decide that they cannot sit back any longer and watch children living in the streets around them without doing anything about it. So in faith, they begin to work with the local government to bring children into their home and fit them into the few bedrooms that they have. We are overjoyed that together with LoveNow supporters we can get behind these orphanages, as well as poor schools in Nairobi slums, and meet basic needs including food (chicken coops and goats) and clean water!

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The following email was received from Pastor Musa Muguro in Nairobi, Kenya.

HOLY UNITY SCHOOL (22)Happy New Year  from Kenya-Africa. Today Lisa School and Holy Unity School children in Kibera received the water filters with great joy and excitement.  The kids were thrilled with these simple yet  easy to use filters.  While distributing the filters we took a long list of their names and ages, and those who missed this time round (Lisa has a population of 180 children while Holy Unity 370 children) we promised them that they will have their filters soon. We want to thank you and the Crossroads church community for these generous gifts to Africa’s children. Attached kindly find pictures of today’s event.


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